Wednesday Thoughts

Dear Church Family,
Be Content.
In Philippians 4:11, Paul said, “For I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”
How is this possible?
Real contentment must be learned.  How do we learn?  We learn through testing, trials, self-denial, fervent prayer and doing without.  Let us be reminded, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” 
Proverbs 12:25- “Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop.”
Proverbs 15:15- “But he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.”
Yes— circumstances visit us all.  Heartache comes our way.  To be tested is a part of life.
Note Philippians 4:6-7. “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God.  And the peace which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.”
Today, instead of pouting, praise Him.  Instead of worrying, confess your feelings.  Let your requests be known unto God.  I wonder what would happen in the church today— if talk died and prayer began.  Traditionally we Baptists talk stuff to death and pray little.  Yes, ours is a time to pray.  I can do all things— I can overcome all things— I can resist all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  You need not sink under any trial, for there is one who is strong to strengthen us.  I challenge you— be a people of prayer.
Thought:  During the darkest hours of World War II— Americans were challenged as they had never been challenged before.  My mother went from picking cotton by hand— to a shipyard in California to become a journeyman welder.  Yes, we won the war.  We beat the Japanese and the Germans with the help of many people coming together.  Let us not  forget— we really won the war because God-fearing people prayed fervently.  The war we are in now can be won if God’s people are willing to pray.  My mother told me all of this.  Thanks for reading.  Pray for your church.  He will see us as a church family through this, and we will be stronger on the other side.
In His Name,
Bro. Don