Sunday school lesson – July 12

The Biblical Way to Conquer Trials and Temptations James 1:5-12

What is the worst trial you face right now?

What is the worst temptation with which you deal?

Is there an escape? Yes.

Is there a way to overcome a trial or temptation? Yes.

The Bible has the answer.

I. Ask wisdom of God. (Verses 5-8)

Wisdom means far more than just knowledge.

Wisdom means far more than just being intellectual.

Millions of us are knowledgeable— with heads full of facts, but when we cope with life’s trials and temptations— we need more than knowledge. We need wisdom. We need to know what to do with the trial and how to do it.

Note: Verse 5- “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, that giveth to all men liberally.” Why?

God loves us— we are His children, and He wants to meet our every need. He will give us wisdom to conquer the trials and temptations of life.

Read- Luke 21:15, James 3:17, and Proverbs 3:13-14

Note: Verse 5 again. We must ask. Read Verses 5-6. We must ask in faith and not waiver.

What does the Bible say about the person who waivers in faith? First, that person is like a wave on the sea driven by the wind tossed to and fro. Second, a person whose faith waivers will not receive anything- Note Verse 7. Third, the person who waivers in faith is a double-minded person— unstable in all his ways. He believes and he disbelieves. He begins then backs up, then begins again.

Folks, this is the reason that so many people receive so little from God.

How can a believer conquer trials and temptations?

II. He must rejoice in his status in life

Read James 1:9-11

It does not matter if we are rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, cripple or sound, you and I are to rejoice in the Lord.

Read Verse 9. The believer of lowly status is to rejoice in the Lord. Why?

Because he is poor— No. Because he is crippled— No. Because he is unhealthy— No.

We are to rejoice in Christ regardless of the circumstances. 1 Corinthians 6:2-3 reminds us of our future regardless of circumstances here.

Read 2 Timothy 2:12

Read James 1:10- The rich man is to rejoice in that he is made low by God. Being rich means nothing to God. It does not matter one bit if you die rich. It will not change your destiny or the fact that you are dead.

Note: If you are rich, materially, you are to use that to help meet the needs of the following— starving, impoverished, diseased, homeless, sinful, and dying. That would please God.

Note Verses: James:1-10-11, 1 Peter 1:24, and Psalm 103:14-16

III. How can a believer conquer trials and temptations?

Read James 1:12- Remember the reward for enduring— a crown of life.

That one who endures temptations will be blessed here and now with spiritual satisfaction, inner assurance, and confidence.

That man is described in Luke 6:48 and James 5:11.

Note Verse 12 again. The crown of life will be received.

Note Revelation 2:10.

The word “crown”— rewards offered to the saved for faithfulness.

It is not an instrument through which to be saved. Why?

Salvation is by grace through faith— not of works.

Yes, you and I can conquer trials and temptations of life if:

A) We ask for wisdom.

B) We rejoice in the status of life in which we are.

C) We remember the reward of faithfulness.