Jesus Last Seven Sayings

Jesus calls Mary, “Woman”, just as He had in John 2 at the wedding at Cana.  His hour is come.  He is to die, but He will rise again.  He is to be glorified.  His relationship with His mother is to be severed. To her, as well as to us, He is to be the glorified Christ.  His resurrection will clear her name forever.  Her reputation will be vindicated, but she must come to Christ in faith just as every other believer comes.  While he is dying for  the sins of the world, He will not neglect her.  We know that many will be praying with the disciples in the upper room after His resurrection.  See Acts 1:14. Then afterwards, she drops out of the picture.  As long as she lived, John would keep her in his home and cared for her as the Lord Jesus asked him to do.
— “Through the Bible”  J. Vernon McGee