Wednesday thoughts – July 8, 2020

Many years ago, The Masters Family recorded an old blue grass song that talked about Heaven. I encourage you to think about the lyrics of this song:

“In childhood I heard of a Heaven

I wondered if it could be true,

That there were sweet mansions eternal

Up there somewhere beyond the blue.

I wondered if people really go there

Then one day sweet, Jesus came in,

Then I got a vision of Heaven

My soul through all Heaven would spend.


Heaven, happy home above

Heaven, land of peace and love

Oh, it made me feel like traveling on

Heaven (Eternal)

Heaven (Supernal)

I’m so glad it’s real.

Then I’ve got acquainted with Jesus

My soul’s overflowing with love,

My heart like the Savior is broken

For friends who will win that home above.

Then a voice from the hills of Judea

Still ringing words of sweet relief,

A world of attractions don’t thrill me

My soul has a change of belief.”


I want to go to Heaven because:

I. Heaven is my hope

A) Is it really there? Jesus says it is.

B) Matthew 5:12

II. Heaven is my haven

A) A place of refuge or rest, a sanctuary

B) Heaven is a haven free of trouble. Revelation 21:3-4 & 8

C) Heaven is a haven where there is rest. Revelation 14:11-13

III. Heaven is my home

A) We are strangers here.

B) It is a place prepared. John 14:2

C) It is where my treasure is. Matthew 6:19-21

D) It is where my father is. Revelation 21:5-7

Yes— Heaven is Eternal.

Yes— Heaven is Supernal.

I’m so glad it’s real.