Wednesday thoughts – July 22, 2020

When I Follow my Way

Hosea 11:7

Are there consequences to following my way? Yes

When I follow my way instead of God’s way, what happens to me?

I. I get slothful in God’s business.

I have to be pushed, prodded, pulled, and begged to get me to do God’s work. Note the on-word letter “I”. Very seldom do you hear or see someone who says I want to do God’s work. What does the Bible say about a lazy or slothful man? (Proverbs 10:4-5) Are you slothful in God’s business?

II. When I follow my way, I am not fervent in the spirit.

Are you at the boiling point in your desire to please God? At 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 degrees water boils, and water boiling produces steam, and steam can power a locomotive.

In the book of Romans 12:11, Paul instructs the believers of Rome to not be slothful in business, but to be fervent in spirit and serving the Lord.

Is that a description of your life? Hosea said, “My people are determined to turn from me, even though they call me God most high.”

III. When I follow my way, I am not in service for the Lord.

Instead, I am in service for me. My heart is full of ingratitude. I am unfaithful to God. I want to call God most high, but I want to serve Him on my terms when it may be convenient or beneficial to me. Most of the time I really do not want a close walk with God— because a close walk demands commitment.

Some say, “I want to follow my way and God’s way at the same time. That is impossible. It is no wonder that 1 John 2:15 gives this warning. Yes— I want to call God most high and yet follow my way. My way gives evidence of a backslidden heart. What is the evidence of a backslidden heart?

A) A lack of spiritual enjoyment

B) A fault-finding critical spirit

C) When secret, private prayer is regarded as a duty instead of a privilege.

D) Worldly things delight me more than spiritual things.

I want to call God Most High— yet follow my way. The consequences for a man with a backslidden heart are:

A) He will not control his tongue.

B) He will be full of his own care.

C) Selfishness ruins his life.

D) He will be filled with his own lust.

E) He will be full of his own troubles.

F) When one is backslidden, he is not at peace with himself.

Yes, I want to call God, Most-High, yet follow my own ways. This will not work.