Sunday School Lesson – May 31, 2020

Hosea 2:2-23

Chapter 2 reflects the moral and religious conditions in Israel around 750 B.C. Chapter 2 describes the effect of those conditions upon God— and God’s reaction to Israel as a result of these conditions.

This morning let us look at:

I. Israel’s unfaithfulness

II. God’s first reaction to Israel’s immorality

III. God’s ultimate response to Israel’s shame

IV. The effect of God’s reaction and response upon Israel.

I. Israel’s unfaithfulness

Verse 2- Israel like Gomer was unfaithful— yet Hosea loved Gomer, and God loved Israel. What a terrible sin Israel had committed. She had become unfaithful to the one who loved her most— God. Do not judge Israel. What a terrible sin it is for one who professes Christianity to become unfaithful to God, who has redeemed you and who loves you.

God says— Go to your mother Israel and contend with her. Tell her to come back. Tell her to turn from idolatry.

Verse 5- Israel’s unfaithfulness was further characterized as harlotry. Gomer was in prostitution for money. The same was with Israel. The people had turned to idols— spiritual adultery. The people of Israel were giving the idols credit for providing for them.

“I will go after my lover that gave me bread, water, flax, oil, and my drink”, while all the time Jehovah God was providing for all their needs. Israel had totally become ungrateful to God.

Verse 8- There was total denial of Yahweh. There was total denial that anything came from God. So much of a denial— that silver and gold given by God was used to worship Baalim.

Verse 13- Israel was so involved in the cultic activities of the worship of Baal that she had totally forgotten God.

Yes, Israel had been unfaithful. Her unfaithfulness had gone into harlotry. Israel was totally denying God. Israel had forgotten God.

II. What was God’s first reaction to Israel’s immorality?

Verse 2b- God’s first reaction was to disown Israel. God would no longer be God’s bride.

Verse 3- He declared that He would strip her naked— a thing often done to unfaithful women. He would deny her fields their fertility, thus famine and starvation.

Verse 4- God will judge the people of Israel as illegitimate children— God would judge them as a nation turned to idols.

Verse 9- God’s first response was to take back all He had given Israel. That leads to this question— Has the U.S.A. been judged by God? Yes.

  • The Dust Bowl of the Depression
  • World War II
  • Vietnam Conflict
  • 911- World Trade Center
  • Covid-19

Is judgment eminent today? Yes, it is when murder is considered a social problem instead of sin. It is when homosexuality is considered a lifestyle instead of sin. It is when abortion is considered a convenience instead of sin. The list gets long. Yes, God will judge America. History ought to teach us that.

Yes- God’s first reaction was to disown Israel, strip her naked, and to take back all He had given her.

III. What was God’s ultimate response to Israel’s shame?

Verse 6- He chose to convince her of the folly of her way— by the path’s she had chosen.

Jeremiah 2:19 says, He chose to hedge her about with constraints. Her pursuit of Baalim would be so disappointing they would serve as a deterrent to an unknowing Israel.

Verse 7- There comes a day when a harlot is no longer beautiful and her lovers lose interest in her. She finds herself being put out. This is what was happening to Israel. The people were saying, “Now we will turn back to God.”

Verse 10-11- He chose to expose Israel as the shameful creature she had become. The gods she chose to serve would be one more disappointment after another. What a tragedy it is to forget God.

Verses 14-15- God simply said to Israel, I will judge you of your sin. After I have judged you, there will be a glorious, wonderful hope for you in the future. Notice “the valley of Achor”— which means valley of trouble. After your trouble, there is hope.

IV. What was the effect of God’s reaction upon Israel?

Verse 7- God chose to woo her back by means of disappointment, suffering, and trials. Man would have destroyed Israel. God wanted to restore her.

Because of what God did and because of how Israel did not benefit from Baal, Israel was determined to return to her first husband. In addition to Israel’s own declaration to return— God announced that the nation would respond positively.

Verse 16- “Ishi” means, my husband. What is the husband relationship? It is one that is intimate, personal, and based on love.” The Song of Solomon refers to this as, “I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine.”

When will this take place? Verses 18-23

Verse 20- “In that day”, refers to the 1000 year reign of Christ. Yes, in that day— the Jew of Israel will finally know the Lord.

Does unfaithfulness, on a nation’s part, pay? Ask the Jews, whose ancestors rambled for years— whose country fell out of existence and into captivity.

Ask the strayed Christian who was once on fire for God— and then got far from God. As you and I will find, the cost is too great.

Ask the man in Hell— He will tell you it costs too much to reject Jesus Christ, your only hope of salvation.