Sunday School Lesson – May 17, 2020

Genesis 5:24- “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.”

Are you walking with God? What does that mean? “Enoch walked with God.” Walking with God simply means living in the presence of God. Are you living life regulated by His will? Are you living life inspired by His spirit? Are you living life devoted to his purpose?

Yes, Enoch walked with God.

To walk with God implies:

1) Self Surrender- The name Enoch means dedicated one yielded to God— to be conformed to His mind and His will. If you and I walk with God, we surrender ourselves to Him.

To walk with God implies:

2) An Unbroken Fellowship- Amos 3:3 asks this question, “How can two walk together except they be agreed?”

You see— if you walk with God, you are not in rebellion, you are not in sin, and you want what God wants— not anything else.

Folks— churches need a dose of this. When we want what God wants, there is agreement.

To walk with God implies:

3) Continual Progress- To walk with God means a growing knowledge of Him. There is no standing still with Him. Are you growing in His knowledge— and not the world’s knowledge?

His Knowledge:

  • Are you thinking as Jesus would have you think?
  • Are you asking— “What would Jesus do in this situation?”
  • It does matter what Jesus would do.
  • It does matter that we want what Jesus wants personally or as a church.
  • There is no standing still with God.
  • When God is in it— there is continual progress.
  • When you and I walk with God, the light on the path shines more and more.
  • The path gets clearer and even more clear.

Thought: There is a pathway back home I walked a many a time. As the sun beat down on it— the pathway was clear, but at nighttime it was a dark path. There were no lanterns or streetlights. So, it is with us— when we walk with God— the pathway is always clear.

If we walk away from God— our path gets darker and darker and the first thing you know— the world and all its affairs have consumed our lives. Are we happy on the world’s dark path? No, we are in bondage and slaves to what the world offers.

To walk with God implies:

4) Complete Separation- You could not think of Enoch taking part in the world’s sinful pleasures. Leviticus 20:7- “Be ye holy, for I am holy.”

Beloved— God is light and those who love the light do not walk in darkness.

To walk with God implies:

5) Unfailing Perseverance- It was for Enoch— an unfailing perseverance— for 300 years he walked with God. Not once a week, not only in the morning, not only at nighttime for a few minutes, but continually— Enoch walked with God.

To walk with God implies:

6) A Fearless Confidence- There is not a doubt in our finite mind that God is not with us. No wonder the Psalmist said, “For thou art with me.”

Does that describe your walk? Yours is a walk of confidence? Not one question about it?

To walk with God implies:

7) Intense Satisfaction- Hebrews 11:5- “He hath this testimony, that he pleased God.”

While there are those whom we displease— it is interesting that we can please God. Yes, there are those who don’t understand us. There are those who make fun of us.

Teenager— if you please God some of your classmates who are not pleasing God will ridicule you and make fun of you. Yes, you may live in the world, but you are not required to act like the world. To please God is always the best.

To walk with God implies:

8) Future Blessedness- Read Genesis 5:24. God took him— no funeral home, no wake, no burial— God took him.

To walk with God implies:

9) Simple Faith- You see— Enoch had simple faith. By faith Enoch was translated.

Are you walking with God? Colossians 1:10 says, “Walk worthy of the Lord.”


To walk with God implies:

  1. Self Surrender
  2. Unbroken Fellowship
  3. Continual Progress
  4. Complete Separation
  5. Unfailing Perseverance
  6. Fearless Confidence
  7. Intense Satisfaction
  8. Future Blessedness
  9. Simple Faith