Sunday school lesson – 7/19/2020

Psalm 46

The content of Psalm 46 fits the time in which we live. It is also a Psalm that fits each of us personally. This is what we need in a sinful and war-torn world. The dominant note throughout this Psalm is victory for God’s people in the day of trouble. This Psalm is a song for all Israel, for all who are the truly chosen of God, called to be His people. The peace of God that passes all understanding should keep the hearts and minds of all who rest in God. If indeed the Lord is our refuge and strength, we are entitled to seek after a spirit that will bear us above the dreads of common men. Yes, Psalm 46— is a victory Psalm.

I. Victory over the things that continually pursue us

God is our refuge. (Verse 1) Nothing on the face of this planet has the power to separate us from Him. God is our refuge in Jesus Christ.

II. Victory over the things that contribute to our weakness

“God is our refuge and strength.” (Verse 1) There are many things that tend to weaken these lives of ours even after we have been born again. Discouragements, fears, doubts will come our way. Let our soul within us declare that God is our refuge.

III. Victory over the things that clamor to trouble us

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Verse 1) He is always at hand when we need Him. How true it is, “Man is born into trouble, as the sparks fly upward.” Job 5:7 Yes, in all the trouble you and I face, God is a present help.

IV. Victory over conditions that frighten us.

(Verse 2) “Therefore will we not fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the seas.” Yes, perilous times are upon us, tragedy is stalking the world; men’s hearts are failing them for fear. -(Verse 4) “There is a river.” That river is God. His streams make our heart glad.

V. Victory over things that contemplate our destruction

The annihilation of destructive forces is the theme of Psalm 46:6-11. God still rules in the Heavens and on earth. “He madeth wars to cease unto the end of the earth.” (Verse 9)

The secret of victory is set forth in Verse 10, “Be still and know that I am God.” What a wonderful God we have. Read Psalm 46 over and over until you realize its great meaning for yourself. As you reflect on Psalm 46, note five great gifts that God gives us in times of overwhelming trouble.

A) God refreshes us in the midst of our trouble. (Verse 4) Because of his unfailing love, He offers us cool, rejuvenating waters of peace and joy. We must drink of these waters by fellowshipping with Him through prayer and meditation of His Word.

B) Whatever happens in our lives, we can rest securely because God lives within us. (Verse 5) In the same way that God’s presence literally dwelled in the city of Jerusalem, God resides within the believer today through His Holy Spirit. In an unstable world, we can feel perfectly stable because of His presence within us.

C) God has given us a third great gift to sustain us in time of trouble, the hope of a bright tomorrow. (Verse 5) Our dark, mighty trial will not last forever. The sun will rise in God’s timing, our season of suffering will end, and we will bask in the joy of God’s eternal day.

D) God has given us the record of His past faithfulness to strengthen us for our present challenges. (Verse 6) In His inspired Word, God has preserved the long history of His faithfulness to His people.

Names some times in your life when you have personally seen the faithfulness of God.

E) God will send His angels to protect and assist us in times of trouble. (Verse 7) As angels came and ministered to Jesus when He was tempted, God’s heavenly host are constantly at hand to minister to us. The author of Hebrews instructed us to always be hospitable to strangers, for we never know when we might be entertaining an angel. (Hebrews 13:2) Oh, how our Father loves us that we would utilize His army of angels— Heavenly beings far more powerful than we are— to serve us as we travel through this life.

Yes, Psalm 46— fits the time in which you and I live.