Sunday School Apr 12th – Do you believe the report?

Text: Mark 16:9-14

For three days:

  • They had been living in the shadows.
  • Hope had been dead.
  • Their eyes had been swollen with weeping.

Oh, if they had only remembered that He had said He would rise again.

Thought: They could have been rejoicing all this time.

Did they forget Mark 14:28?

Matthew 17:22-23?

Matthew 16:21?

Do you believe that He arose? (Discussion)

I. Note the background of today’s text

Luke 24: 1-8

Mark 16:1-8

Note the response of the angel. Mark 16:6

Picture this conversation

  • You are looking for Jesus— He is not here— he is risen.
  • No grave could hold Him.
  • He made the tomb where He was buried.
  • Here on earth He showed His power over death.
  • He brought three people back from death to life again and now— He exhibits this power over death by coming back to life Himself.
  • He told you that He would be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified and that on the third day, He would rise again.

Now look in your Bible. (Mark 16:9-11)

II. He appeared first to Mary Magdelene

She went to the tomb while it was yet dark. In John 20:11 we find her weeping. She looked into the sepulcher weeping and as she wept— the angel asked her, “Woman why weepest thou?” and she said, “Because they have taken away my Lord and I know not where they have laid Him.” John 20:11-13

Then note John 20:14-15.

Now read Mark 16:10-11

Did the disciples believe her report? No

Why? Was it because of her background? Was it because she was a woman? Was it a lack of faith on the part of the disciples, or was it fear— that had taken hold.

Now read Mark 16:12-13.

III. His appearance to two disciples on the road to Emmaus

What did they do? Neither believed.

Who were those two disciples? We are told the name of one. Read Luke 24:13-18. About what were they talking? Who joined them in their conversation? How did Jesus respond to them? Read Luke 24:27-31.

Now read Mark 16:12-13

On this Easter Sunday morning— Do you really believe? Do you really believe— that Jesus died and rose again— just for you?

IV. Now read Mark 16:14

Picture the scene— the disciples had gathered into a certain room and locked the doors because they feared the Jews and while they sat in grief— Jesus came and stood in their midst.

For what did he rebuke them?


  • Do you believe that He arose?
  • Do you love Jesus?
  • Have you told others about Jesus?
  • How long has it been since you told others?

On this Easter Sunday morning of 2020, you and I have a message to tell.

Jesus Christ is our only Hope.