September 2020

Do lost men see His love in you?

AM Service. 1st John 4:7-8, Romans 13:8-10

Sad words that lost men will hear

AM Service. Luke 13:22-30

August 2020

In your desperation – Who is the answer?

AM Service. Matthew 20:29-34

A difference in life, death, and eternity

AM Service. Luke 16:19-31

Prophetic events to come — The seal judgements

AM Service. Revelation 6

A warning against false teachers

AM Service. 2nd Peter 2:1-9

When men willfully disobey God, what’s next?

AM Service. Numbers 20:7-13, Romans 1:24,26,28

Why is it important that you and I forgive?

AM Service. Matthew 6:14-15

July 2020

Will there be a time of a cashless society?

AM Service. Revelation 13:15-18, 14:9-11

Do you have true faith?

AM Service. Daniel 3.