Josie Yeager

A native of Baltimore, MD, Josie has a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Towson State University. Josie has over 35 years in the accounting field in various positions. Before joining the KSBC staff in 2011, she was staff accountant at Travel Destinations for 17 years before her family moved to Mississippi in 2008. Married to Jim since 1987, they are parents of one son, Jackson, (wife Grace), grandsons, Mac and Henry, and chihuahuas, Jeb and Wynn. She enjoys walking, reading, online shopping, and spending time with her family. Josie was saved as a young adult in 1987 when her sister-in-law and her husband led her to the the Lord.
“It is my prayer that KSBC be a loving, welcoming church to all, and that we glorify God in all we do. My desire would be that we edify and encourage one another in faith and obedience to Christ, nurture others in God’s love, and be a haven for the broken and lost.”