Jesus’ Seven last Sayings

April 9, 2020
“I Thirst”  John 19:28
“I Thirst” is the fulfillment of Psalm 69:21.  Our Lord knew what was going on; He was fully in control as He obeyed the Father’s will.  He had refused to drink the pain deadening wine that was always offered to those about to be crucified.  In order to fulfill the scriptures in Psalm 69:21, He said, “I thirst.”  He was enduring real physical suffering, for He had a real human body.  He had just emerged from three hours of darkness when He felt the wrath of God and separation from God.  When you can have darkness, thirst, and isolation, you have— Hell!  Yes, there were physical reasons for his thirst, but there were also spiritual reasons.  Psalm 42:1-2
— “Be Transformed” by Warren Wiersbe