Jesus’ Seven Last Sayings

“I commend my Spirit”

Luke 23:46

The word “commend” means to place with someone, to entrust, or to commit. Jesus was not helplessly watching His life slip away, but He consciously placed it in the care of, entrusted it to to, and committed it to the tender caring hands of His Father. Matthew Henry says, ” Our souls were forfeited, and He must go to redeem the forfeiture.” The price must be paid into the hands of God. The party offended by sin, to Him He had undertaken to make full satisfaction. It is just as if you owed someone a debt. When you went to satisfy that debt, it would only be proper and fitting to place the money into the hands of the one to whom it was owed. So, Jesus while paying the price for our redemption, placed the purchased price, His life, into the hands of His Father. “I commend my spirit.”